John Hemming MP on Looting, the Riots, Families and the Role of the State

Once again, an article by John that proves his sanity, intelligence and wisdom, based on clear-headed analysis, rather than promises or ranting…

Above all, he sees that the riots are a question of poverty AND discipline, law and order!

That’s what I realised, too, the more I moved from analysing our dishonest money system into the world of victims of white collar crimes

It is very interesting to read the comments regarding the riots by people who signed the petition to Free WWII Veteran Norman Scarth from Leeds Prison. They start on page 10 of this document.

Hemming threatened to name social workers in Parliament (in 2007) – maybe it’s time to realise the threat?

The Liberal Democrat Voice published here on 7th January 2007 that John Hemming MP alleged that social workers have committed a criminal offence – by preventing a baby from being breast fed.

In 2011 this is excactly what happened to The Stealing of Baby Harley.

Hence it seems that it’s not enough to remove the gag and name Vicky Haigh and Doncaster Council (besides those celebrities).

Naming Social Workers to get them struck off seems to be necessary, since judges sanction their wrong-doings.

Or should judges be named? There is the request for an OUT THE JUDGES petition!