Secret Prisoners

Secret Prisoners are a secret topic. Hence I can only try to gather ‘evidence’:

  • Here’s a story by Christopher Booker in the Telegraph where he refers to one of the children of the M-Family as a ‘secret prisoner’, for she has not been seen for 10 months: The mystery of Haringey’s missing ‘Girl X’ makes a mockery of the Children Act
  • And here’s the story of a niece who was defrauded with the aid of the Court of Protection who writes: the signature of ONE social worker is enough to put you away under the Mental Capacity Act 2005. If you want a review, however, it needs TWO DOCTORS to decertify you.John Hemming talks about secret prisoners: aunt was put under the court of protection with the signature of one social worker. Although it was not the wife of the power of attorney, the power of attorney’s wife was a social worker and manager of the local mental health unit. Relatives, by law, are to be informed. This was not done, and the power of attorney perjured on a government by saying that it was.

    This court is open to all kinds of abuse, and it is to be hoped that none of you ever gets put under it if you should lose capacity. It is a licence for lawyers to steal, either with excessive fees, worked billed but never carried out, or outright embezzlement and probate fraud. John Hemming knows of a case (and I also have some documents signed by a judge) where a person was put under the court of protection WITHOUT HER KNOWLEDGE, who was not incapacitated, and all her property was stolen from her – all facilitated by a very large international law firm and judges. The victim and her daughter both spent time in prison for contempt of court (sentencing can be up to six months) for speaking out. Not one police agency in the country will investigate this multimillion pound crime, which includes forgery.

    So the fact remains that there are no security protocols and this can happen. It can happen to you without your knowledge if you have assets that someone would like to steal. I would say that mafia is operating through this court, as it is a great fraud enabler.


7 Comments on “Secret Prisoners”

  1. Mary says:

    thank goodness for John Hemming. Is he the only guy in England with a white hat? Will no other MP stand beside him? Are the rest being blackmailed or what? John Hemming seems to be one of the very few with principles in the UK. I support him 100%. He should be Prime Minister or, better yet, President of the USA.

    • John is different from the ‘average MP’ because of his intelligence (science, human and computer languages plus music) in addition to his financial independence.

      Given his career, politics is another ‘sphere of influence’ for him to explore, rather than a ‘career’. At least that’s my reading of his most remarkable efforts inside and outside of Westminster!

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