This site has become necessary for the following reasons:

  1. John Hemming MP has long been campaigning for victims of the Court of Protection and Family Law
  2. In January 2011 he joined us at a meeting of Victims of White Collar Crimes with exemplary suggestions for support and taking our issues further
  3. In Spring 2011 he used Parliamentary Privilege not only to remove a gagging order from Vicky Haigh and Doncaster Council but also Sir Fred Goodwin
  4. As a consequence, injunctions and superinjunctions became ‘topical’ and he was attacked by fellow MPs and others.

A Facebook fan has launched “John Hemming for Justice Minister” as a cause.

This site is an attempt to support an MP whose intelligence is way above average, who is financially independent and thus can afford to be principled:

  • to act on behalf of the electorate to whom he owes his position as MP
  • he went to court to stop Ministers from undermining the democratic process by withholding information from MPs under Common Law
  • his article The Courts and Politics: Holding the Executive to Account is an outstanding model:
  • he uses the legal process to make the “Rule of Law” work – not the “Rule of Person”.

If you want to know who’s blogging, you can view my profile on LinkedIn.


3 Comments on “About”

  1. […] John Hemming MP, once again: As far as I can see, the state intervention in this case has been entirely damaging and the activities of the courts more so to protect the interests of the system, rather than protect the children. […]

  2. Ian Josephs says:

    Forced adoption (especially if closed) is a crime against humanity outlawed in the rest of Europe (except maybe Croatia and Portugal) and those social workers and judges involved sould serve long prison sentences !
    Gagging parents whose children have been taken and sending offenders who protest publicly to jail is an affront to democracy unique in the civilised world ;
    Gagging parents a second time when they are allowed “contact “with their own children by stopping parents from mentioning the court case,speaking their own language if they are foreign, or saying they miss their children and want them back is an even worse breach of freedom of speech.
    Keeping children from foreign countries here at vast public expense when all their parents want is for them to go home with their children to their own country and their own more humane social service systems is not only wicked it is idiotic !
    Only wicked or deluded people adopt children whose parents are desperate to keep them and they deserve their come uppance when those children often dump them once they have tracked down their birth parents!
    When the SS take children for future risk of emotional abuse authorised by compliant judges and give them for adoption by strangers they reveal themselves as “scum of the earth”
    No child should be taken if no crime has been committed .Punishment without crime is an abomination !

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