Evidence on Adoption before the Education Committee investigating Child Protection

It’s a great relief that a select committee in the Commons is actually looking into child protection!

Fortunately, John was invited to give evidence today, Tuesday, 13th December 2011.

Whilst the focus was on ‘adoption’, he did make it clear that there are too many wrongful care decisions and that parents who oppose care orders virtually never win.

He also pointed out that the secret legal proceedings are not working and that these important decisions should follow the approach of caseworker conferences.


17 Comments on “Evidence on Adoption before the Education Committee investigating Child Protection”

  1. PRINCIPLED, PRINCIPLED. There is no Principle involved.
    Mr. John Hemming MP is just stating that there many cases where Social Services have acted in a manner that should not be accepted by decent minded people. The ANONYMITY of Social Workers and their SECRET submissions to a Court should be FIRST be brought to the attention of the family involved IN WRITING. If the Family knew of the CHARGES they would be able to make amends or contest Social Services accusations.

    Is it not possible to take ONE corrupt Social Worker and make IT answerable.

  3. Sandy says:

    Phil considering the size of your nose I’m surprised you can see the keyboard. Why do you think that I am a social worker?

    • Sandy. You are offensive to be one. BYE.

    • Sandy. I again plead with you. WHAT comments of NOTE have you made. For your information I am a decent man and have lived like that for a long time. I only made a comment. Apart from my long nose I also suffer from other bodily infirmities. WHAT have I ever done to you. I PRAY that as of 25th December you will form a new frame of mind. BEWARE. Just a comment.

  4. Correction Sandy. You are OFFENSIVE enough to be one.
    Let me put a thought into your tiny brain. I made a comment in general to the people on here. WHY did you attack me in this despicable manner as if only YOU can comment and say that I am a liar. LISTEN. I am ADULT. I do not usually correspond with women or children who I do not know. I hope that I shall not hear of you again. I wish you well.

    • Sandy says:

      Dear Phil

      I wasn’t accusing you of lying. I was making a joke about you sharing a name with the ex Liverpool and England footballer (who has rather a large nose). Sorry for any confusion caused.

      Please feel free to speculate about the size of my brain and accuse me of being a social worker.

      Best wishes


      • Dear Sandy, I wholeheartedly accept that I misunderstood your comments. Now that you have explained all is well. Have you seen my post on Youtube ?. I wish you and all your FAMILY a Happy Christmas.

    • towardchange says:

      Phil your first comment is spot on ignore her, she is one of the many sheep.. who is not doing anything constructive for anyone..

  5. Sandy says:

    Dear Phil

    Whilst I disagree with the comments policy on Victims Unite and think that Vicky Haigh is a fantasist I am sure that you are a decent man and that you are only concerned about your grandchildren.

    I have just watched your youtube video. I wish you every success in your legal battle with Walsall social services.

    Have a nice Christmas.

    Best wishes


    • Dear Sandy, having seen the video did you see the distortion on my left cheek. Well ANOTHER tooth has arisen to give me an abscess and my face is swollen again Amoxicillin to the rescue I hope. May I tell you of my Respect of Mr. John Hemming MP. I am not his constituent, yet he firstly LISTENED and then presented a Petition to Parlaiment. He further wrote several letters to various bodies and then entered a plea for my Family to the ECHR. He has consistently spoken out in public of the MALPRACTICE that has been allowed to occur within social services. I now wish for you and Mr. Hemming the best gift that I can think of.. GOOD HEALTH in the future. On another topic concerning Vicky Haig. I have taken her posts exactly as she has said. AM I NOT in that same frame of DOUBT(what if I were lying). PLEASE look at this post on Youtube:– Vicky Haig and others speak truth to power I STATE the ACTUAL CHARGES under which three children under SIX years old were adopted. I do not belong to any organisation but will be heard. All the best Sandy, this was for your information only.

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  7. It is now 2012. I wish all people GOOD HEALTH. For this New year, I have burnished my shield, girded up my loins and chosen pebbles from the stream and I will face the GOLIATH of Social Services WALSALL. I WILL cause you WALSALL to ANSWER for your CRIME against my FAMILY.
    Will ANYBODY from that COWERING COUNCIL confront me in Court.
    To any of my detractors, please REFRAIN and allow WALSALL COUNCIL(who know of these posts) to reply.
    Can any of you make such bold accusations ?.

  8. […] Evidence on Adoption before the Education Committee investigating Child Protection (insupportofjohnhemming.wordpress.com) […]

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